Melissa Kalember is available to all ages and levels. Melissa specializes in foundational training, hunters, equitation, jumper and multiple disciplines.

Melissa is unique from other trainers. Her comprehensive background affords horse and rider an all encompassing approach to whatever their goal is.

Melissa works to understand the particularities of each horse. Horses are not humans and have their own way of understanding and mapping life. Once each horse is truly understood, a real foundation can be built.

The rider must be understood as well. Melissa uses her intuition and training background to help the rider improve their physical form in the saddle. Melissa also addresses the energetic state of the rider and transforms their state for a better experience inside themselves and with their equine partner.

She understands that the goal is not a blue ribbon finish, but the creation of love, respect, unity and understanding. Recognizing the potential that horses have to heal and inspire us, she approaches her work lightness and joy.