Equine bodywork

Melissa became a certified equine sports massage therapist in 1999. She received her certificate through Equissage, located in Round Hill Virginia where she learned massage strokes, muscle structure and the benefits of bodywork on the equine athlete. When Melissa returned to California she applied her techniques and then studied how each horse responded. What massage techniques help their musculoskeletal problems? What programs do they need to optimize their athletic performance, and how does one nurture the horse's emotional state to keep their heart happy?

Hungry to learn more Melissa began taking courses offered by Equinology. She took Equine Biomechanics and Applied Anatomy taught by Barn Crabbe DVM. In the course Melissa studied the functional anatomy, biomechanical principles, and conformation of the equine athlete.  Melissa then studied the physiological effects of exercise on the musculoskeletal system in Equine Exercise Physiology taught by Hillary Clayton DVM. She learned conditioning principles, fitness programs, peaking and tapering strategies, and how to regulate the daily workout for optimal athletic performance. 

Branching off from Equinology, Melissa found Diana Thompson, founder of Hands on Horse Care located in Fulton, Ca. Diana's courses offered Melissa intimate instruction of advanced massage techniques, stretching and saddle fitting. It was with Hands on Horse Care that Melissa began to study Equine Acupressure. She studied the 12 acupressure meridians, traditional Chinese medicine on 100 acupressure points, western medical application for each point, use of the Chinese her Moxa, Bach flower remedies, and how to select acupressure points to improve the physical and emotional health of the horse. 

Eighteen years later Melissa is still expanding her knowledge. She is currently studying the use of doterra essential oils on the equine athlete. In conjunction with the essential oils, Melissa has become a distributor for the Sore no More products. 

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