"From the Judge's Booth clinic was a unique opportunity to learn about how my performance in a hunter ring is scored.  Melissa breaks down the judging process by explaining what she is thinking while she judges, and then lets us practice judging too! The clinic gave me great insight on how a rider can avoid costly mistakes and work towards scoring as high as possible in the show ring." Brooke Matson, Honolulu, HI


"I just wanted to say thank you a million times over for the wonderful clinic you gave today. I had a blast and learned a ton! I loved how honest yet kind and encouraging you were in your assessment of all the horses and riders. You did a wonderful job of explaining the art of judging in a simple, easy to understand way. I hope you loved being here as much as we loved having you. I hope to ride with you again!" Gabriela Tinnon



"I can't thank you enough for the comprehensive clinic you have to our kids in Hawaii today. It was such a wonderful learning experience to get feedback on their riding and to truly understand what a judge is looking for in each of the classes these kids ride in. It's really valuable to understand the different point deductions for their 'mistakes' and to know how to move on and fix it in the next round. You have a very pleasant demeanor, and wonderful way of explaining things so that they can understand, and move forward in their careers as riders." Karen Sbarbaro


"I have had the privilege of riding with Melissa for years. Her holistic approach to all levels of care and training of horse and rider is remarkable and unusual. Unusual because she is only interested in co-creating with her students and their horses an experience of joy, fun, connection, love, safety and expansion. Her professional background is highly eclectic offering a knowledge base that combines equine medicine, physiology, and massage, professional training techniques, and show ring preparation from a judge's perspective, with her deep understanding of the therapeutic value of the human-equine relationship." Gay