Ask any of my students and they will tell you I ask them this question ALL THE TIME :)

Now you ask me, why? Why do I ask them this question ALL THE TIME?

Because it’s fun…… just kidding….. and not :)

I consider myself a student of life, I study everything I can. I want to understand, grow and evolve, and I am smart enough that I have surrounded myself with some of the best teachers, Horses.

I ask myself why ALL THE TIME. Why does this horse stop all the time? Why is this horse always tight in this muscle? Why does that rider have heavy hands? Why does this horse or rider get this ribbon?

I seek to understand so I am in comfort. If I understand the core reason why that horse is stopping then I can help them. If I understand why that horses muscle is always tight then I can help the owner fix it and the horse can have a longer and happier career. If I understand why I am placing a horse or rider in that placing then I know I did the best judging I could.

Not only does asking why bring you comfort, it tells you where to go and what to do next. This is whyyyyyy I am constantly asking my students why. I encourage them to think, wonder, feel. I want them to be good horsemen not just good riders.

For example; a student came for her lesson. She got on my horse and started her walking warm up routine. I could tell the student felt something was different but I waited for her to bring it up. She proceeded with her walking and then went to pick up a trot and my horse was reluctant and then once she trotted was stiff in her hind end. I still waited for my student to bring it up, knowing she was wondering what was occurring. My student tried again and got the same result. Then she giggled and finally asked what was happening. I started by asking what she felt, she explained what I saw. Then the fun work happened! I asked WHY do you think she is being reluctant? I love this because it asks the student to go in and try and feel. I want them to practice looking at all the layers of their horse and keep following the bouncing ball until they think they got it. After a few answers and me asking more why’s and what do you know about the horses life, my student got the core reason! My horse had just finished a bad heat cycle and she was really tight in some of her hind end muscles from it.

This trailing work gave us the real reason of what was happening for the horse so we could have compassion not frustration. Then we were able to address the core reason by treating her muscles to get her in comfort again.

So why ask why?! Seek to understand, keep trailing util you have found the core reason, everyone will be happy you did so!